Short answer:  That depends.

Is your accounting firm providing the support you need TODAY? Every business has different needs and unique situations. Most firms take a cookie-cutter approach to their service offerings. At Comprehensive Business Partners, we understand that running a business is a complex and ever-changing responsibilities. The business support and accounting services you need today may be different in the future.

Our partners, Kevin Halligan and Toby Browne, are committed to providing the support you need NOW. Need capital to grow your business? We can help you find and secure it. Need temporary or long-term controllership support? We’re here for you for as long as you need us. Have a Quickbooks problem that’s frustrating you? Our certified Quickbooks experts can provide training you need to be efficient and effective with the software.

Take a look at the service descriptions below to learn more about our expertise. Then give us a call. We’ll be with you every step of the way – in just the way you need us to be.


There was a time when people relied on their bankers for advice on just about any aspect of their businesses. Bankers and accountants were your financial advisors. If you’re looking for that kind of relationship, turn to Comprehensive Business Partners. Our team of experienced accountants and bankers can provide you with the help and advice you need to navigate your finances.

Loan Structuring

You need to raise capital to grow your business. Unfortunately, most companies that fail do so because of their debt.  Our team can help you structure your loans in a way that works for your lender AND for you.

Acquisition of capital

Let Comprehensive Business Partners help you determine the amount of capital you’ll need to move forward. Then, our team can help you build an investor pitch that will attract the right investors for your business. We’ll research lenders and investors to find the package that’s right for you and recommend the best path to long- and short-term success.

Loan Pricing

Let our experts do the time-consuming research and negotiation. We’ll find a loan package with the best rate and terms for your situation.

Cash Management

Banks have lots of options for managing your cash. Sweep accounts, swap accounts, purchasing cards – it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. Let us help.


Market fluctuations happen to every business. The key to surviving them is having a solid plan in place BEFORE they happen.  Comprehensive Business Partners can help you analyze your staffing, equipment, space and other factors that impact productivity and profitability. We’ll help you build the plan and we’ll be there with you when it’s time to execute it.

Covenant Management

Loan agreements are complicated. Lenders build in covenants that can have unforeseen consequences down the road. Let us help you understand those covenants and negotiate ones that work for your business.

Special Asset Coordination

If you’re a banker, our experienced finance team can help your bank move their special asset cases forward more quickly. Our team knows what you need to move these cases to resolution. They will work with your clients to move them toward your benchmarks or find another institution that’s a better fit for their financial situation.

If you’re a business owner whose bank has moved your loan to their special assets department, CBP can help you move toward the benchmarks your bank has set for you. Or, we can help you find a new institution that’s a better fit for your financial situation.


You hire a personal financial advisor to help you manage your personal financial resources and plan for the future. Do you have the same kind of support for your business? If your business isn’t creating revenue, your personal financial resources won’t have a future to plan for. Let Comprehensive Business Partners be your business financial advisor. We have the experience and expertise to help you with everything from start up to exit strategies and everything in-between.

Business Plan Development

Businesses that are built right survive. From concept to design to funding, planning matters. Comprehensive Business Partners can help you build a solid business plan. Then, we’ll help you get the financing and resources you need to make the plan a reality.

Your company is surviving, but where is it going? What are your goals? Can you survive a downturn? As your business evolves, look to CBP to help you answer these questions and more.

Acquisition of capital

Every business needs capital to grow. Our team has the relationships and skills to help you find the capital you need. We understand how to structure the deals to attract investors while protecting you.

Our banking background means we know what lenders focus on. We know how to tell your story through your financial statements in a way that creates positive results.

Financial Forecasting

We work with you and your team to model outcomes of business decisions you’re considering. You’ll gain a good understanding of what could happen so you can make better plans and establish contingencies ahead of time.

Transition Planning

As an accounting-based business advisor, we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate change. We can help with transition projects like:

  • Succession planning
  • Partner buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Estate planning
  • Exit strategies

Whether long-term or temporary, Comprehensive Business Partners can help you manage your assets in whatever capacity you need.


Our accounting team has been providing accounting and audit services for more than 40 years. That means we have the experience and expertise you need to position your business for success. Our financial reporting services include:

Preparation of Financial Statements

Compilation and review of Financial Statements

Certified Audits of Financial statements

Certified Audits of Retirement (401K) Plans


Most tax preparers don’t take the time to understand your goals and unique challenges when they look at your taxes. Our experienced CPAs and IRS-Enrolled Agents know how to help you retain your profits by minimizing your tax liability. They have an in-depth understanding of tax rules affecting all types and sizes of businesses, estates and trusts. Services include:

Tax Planning and return preparation – Business and individual

Estate, Gift & Trust Tax Planning and return Preparation

IRS and state tax audit representation

Aircraft Ownership – Aviation tax planning and consultation


Is your finance team struggling to keep up with payroll processing and General Ledger entries? Is Quickbooks working for you or against you? Comprehensive Business Partners can help. Our experienced team can manage all financial functions including

Payroll processing – Paycheck prep, payroll tax deposits & return prep, W-2

Sales and Personal Property Tax Preparation

General Ledger Maintenance and monitoring

QuickBooks COnsulting and advisory Services

Is it time for your business to get the support it needs?